Hot Water Heating


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Water Heater Storage Tanks

Models: DVTG100080 DVTG100119 DVTG100200 DHTD000210 DHTD100210 DHTG000210 DHTD000320 DHTD100320 DHTG100320 DVTD000320 DVTD100320 DVTG000320 DVTG100320 DHTD000415 DHTD100415 DHTG000415 DHTG100415 DVTD000415 DVTD100415 DVTG000415 DVTG100415

Storage water heaters provide excess capacity to satisfy peak demand without peak energy requirements.

P-K Water Heater Storage Tanks are designed to meet a variety of hot water requirements in commercial applications.


Small Volume Storage Tank

  • ASME Construction
  • Designed for Storage of Potable Water to 180°F
    80, 120, and 200 Gallon Capacities
  • Vitraglas® Lining
  • Hand Hole Cleanout
  • Low Restriction Brass Drain Valve
  • Side T&P Valve Opening
  • Two Protective Magnesium Anode Rods
  • Non-CFC Foam Insulation
  • 5–Year Limited Tank Warranty


Large Volume Storage Tank

  • Horizontal or Vertical Configurations Available
  • Available with Vitraglas® Lining or Double
    Vitraglas® Lining
  • Sturdy Steel Jacket
  • Hand Hole Cleanout and Manway – Optional
  • Designed for Storage of Potable Water up to 180°F
  • All Tanks are Constructed and Certified in
    Accordance with ASME Section IV, Part HLW for 125
    psi (862 kPa)
  • Two Female 3” NPT Water Connections
  • Two 3⁄4” NPT Aquastat Fittings
  • Magnesium Anode Rods
  • 2” High Density Foam Insulation
  • 5–Year Limited Warranty on Steel Tank
  • 10–Year Limited Warranty on Double Vitraglas® lined
    Steel Tank

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