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P-K MACH Outdoor Condensing Boilers

Models: C750 (750 MBTU), C900 (900 MBTU), C1050 (1050 MBTU), C1500 (1500 MBTU), C2000 (2000 MBTU)

If you are facing high costs to construct additional mechanical room space in your facility, head outdoors!

Designed and tested to withstand even the harshest of outdoor elements, the P-K MACH® outdoor boiler can operate in ambient temperatures as low as -20°F without sacrificing performance.  P-K MACH® outdoor boilers are available in 750 MBTU/hr. to 2,000 MBTU/hr. for a range of commercial applications.

High Efficiency Boilers for Outdoor Installation

P-K MACH® outdoor boilers feature the same quality and reliability that you have come to expect from P-K products. A unique aluminum alloy heat exchanger is at the core of all of our P-K MACH® boilers.  This heat exchanger was designed to resist corrosive condensate while providing some of the highest efficiencies that a condensing boiler can achieve. P-K MACH® boilers are CSA-certified from 92% to 96% and may provide actual net thermal efficiencies up to 99%.

Outdoor Boiler



Save Space

The cost to construct mechanical room space is on the rise in many metro areas in North America. Installing a P-K MACH® outdoor boiler outside, rather than building or renting additional mechanical room space, allows you to use your indoor space for more profitable purposes.


Save Time

The outdoor kit with venting system is shipped in two pieces which ensures that set-up is kept at a minimum.  The boilers arrive onsite and will be up and running in no time at all.  Our own P-K ENVI® control also comes standard on all P-K MACH outdoor boilers.  This eliminates the need for ancillary components while providing a simple way to program and control the boiler.


  • CSA-certified efficiencies from 92 to 96%
  • Certified and tested for outdoor use
  • Factory – installed outdoor kit saves installation time
  • Operates in ambient temperatures as low as -20°F
  • Available from 750 MBTU/hr. to 2,000 MBTU/hr.


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