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NURO Touch-Screen Control System

NURO is the first boiler control system that’s never out of date and certainly not out of touch. Boiler control set points are easily set with the swipe of a finger.

Equipped with the latest touch-screen technology, the NURO® Touch-Screen Control System provides the most intuitive interface in the industry. Designed to maximize efficiency, the NURO® monitors and modulates the combustion and ignition of the boiler to maintain the desired outlet temperature. The NURO® Control System utilizes the most stable technology in a totally easy-to-use package.   This ensures safe, efficient, and reliable boiler performance year-after-year.


The NURO®‘s easy-to-use touch-screen interface provides simple step-by-step navigation for set-up, maintenance, custom adjustments, efficiency, help and more.



The true power of NURO®‘s intuitive software is in its simple step-by-step boiler set-up. Whether you are installing one boiler or more, single or cascading, the NURO® makes it a snap. Simply touch the screen to select from a variety of pre-configured settings for optimal system efficiency. Also, you can refine control settings to your specifications and easily see the effects of your adjustments with a real-time visual analysis.

Configuring multiple boilers doesn’t get any easier than with NURO®. Since NURO® uses a computer with advanced software, setup is a snap.  Just copy the software to a USB stick, and transfer it to each boiler (two USB ports are available). This dramatically reduces set-up costs and time.



Most competitors have hardware driven controllers that are a costly hassle to upgrade and maintain.  Whereas, the NURO® provides the long-term ROI you’ve been waiting for. Our software driven computer allows for on-site upgrades to be easily made with minimal boiler knowledge. This reduces the amount of maintenance hours needed by expensive boiler technicians. Software upgrades provide long-term upgradability, which eliminates hardware replacement and costly service calls.


• Interactive touch screen interface or USB mouse/keyboard
• Set-Up Wizard to walk you through the operational set up parameters
• 4 digital inputs
• Flame safeguard device
• Lead/lag cascade control w/ outdoor reset
• Custom configurable allowing optimal operating efficiency.
• Software upgrade via a USB drive
• MODBUS® RS-485 communication protocol
• Text based display


• 7″ Touch Screen
• Ports – 2 USB, ethernet, Mini USB, SD
• Comm Ports (3) – flame, cascade, BMS (all are RS 485 modbus rtu)
• Embeded wireless driver
• 4 digital inputs
• 4 configurable relay
• Master alarm
• Outputs (rated for 0.5 amp). Aligns with ASHRAE 90.1 VFD requirement
• Modbus RTU (RS-485)


• On-site software upgrades provide long term upgradability
• Easily configure multiple boilers by transferring settings via a USB stick.
• Preset operational parameters based on user defined outdoor air reset curves
• System diagnostics has the ability to pinpoint boiler operation solutions and provide common repair suggestions
• Communicate with building management systems using MODBUS RS-485 protocol or 10 VDC analog input
• Easy to read text based displays and fault codes


*MODBUS is a registered trademark owned by Schneider Automation Inc.

The NURO® End User License Agreement

Third Party Software used in the development of the NURO® Touch Screen Control System.

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