Hot Water Heating


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Models: Base: D3DW-44I D3DW-88I D3DW-112I Instantaneous: D3DW-44I D3DW-88I D3DW-112I Pumped: D3DW-44P/D3DW-88PE D3DW-88P/D3DW-88PE

The DURATION III is a fully packaged water-to-water indirect Domestic Hot Water system specifically engineered to complement any hot water source or boiler. More importantly, it offers low cost of ownership though simplicity, high efficiency, durability and ease of installation.

P-K Long Term Durability

To ensure longevity, the DURATION III has a durable 316 stainless steel brazed-plate heat exchanger plus all wetted parts (potable water side) are lead free and made of robust stainless steel, copper or copper alloy materials.  Additionally, the construction features a double-wall heat exchanger with a true air gap.



duration IIIEasy-to-install

The DURATION III domestic hot water heater’s small footprint is less than 5.5 ft(15″W x 50″L).  This allows it to fit through a standard doorway or onto an elevator and requires no special rigging.

It ships fully assembled and needs only four water connections and one power connection. There are two point connections for DHW outlet / inlet, two points connection for boiler water outlet/inlet and a single 110V electrical power supply connection.

Save space with simplified multiple unit installation and configure your space to meet your needs.  The following models: D3-44I, D3-88I, D3-112I and D3-44P/D3-44PE can be placed side-by-side in a multiple unit installation for a total footprint of 30″W x 50″L.


Easy to integrate

It easily integrates with building automation system (BAS) software via the integrated Modbus RS-485 protocol (instantaneous version only-ref. model #’s). Also supports LONWORKS/BACnet and METASYS N2 are available by adding an optional protocol converter for even greater flexibility.

Pumped Versions (D344P/D3-44PE and D3-88P/D3-88PE) are designed to operate seamlessly with the NURO Control System.


Available in multiple configurations:


Base |  D3-44

Instantaneous |  D3-44I

Pumped  |  D3-44P/D3-44PE




  • Compact footprint (1/3 the size of the DURATION II)
  • Double-wall heat exchanger
  • Pair with any condensing boiler for efficient domestic hot water
  • All stainless steel, copper or copper alloy wetted (potable water side) surfaces
  • Packaged with controller and electronic valve with integral recirculation pump*


  • Low approach temperature reduces heat exchanger scale
  • Ideal for new or retrofit applications
  • Option for LONWORKS/BACnet and Metasys N2 integration*
  • Simplified multiple unit installation
  • All units feature a double-wall heat exchanger with a true air gap

*Only applies to instantaneous models

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