Hot Water Heating


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P-K DURATION Indirect Water Heating Systems

Models: CWHS/CWHD 300 (300 MBTU), CWHS/CWHD 450 (450 MBTU), CWHS/CWHD 750-1050 (750-1050 MBTU), CWHS1500 (1500 MBTU), CWHS 2000 (2000 MBTU)

Scale is a domestic hot water heating system’s worst enemy.

Compared to direct fired water heaters, indirect water heaters combined with a high efficiency boiler, provide an efficient, economical method of heating water.

Simply put, scale is a domestic hot water heating system’s worst enemy. Build up of scale can reduce the efficiency of a heating system. If allowed to accumulate over time, the scale build up could ultimately result in premature system failure. For these reasons, preventing scale is critical to maintaining optimal system efficiency and ensuring energy savings.

Designed to be paired with a P-K MACH® boiler for domestic hot water production, P-K DURATION® condensing water heating systems are specifically designed to help prevent scale build-up.  By protecting your high efficiency water heating system against scale, you can cash in on energy savings.


  • Small footprint helps to save valuable floor space.
  • Single or double wall heat exchanger
  • Pair with a P-K MACH® condensing boiler for efficient domestic hot water
  • Optional air separator and expansion tank
  • Optional domestic hot water bronze pump with VFD control


  • Low approach temperature reduces heat exchanger scale and provides domestic hot water at high efficiency
  • A viable option for existing system retrofit as well as in new installations
  • System flexibility – create almost any system design from domestic hot water to pool heating to process loads to multiple temperature loop control
  • Precise temperature control with VFD control option



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