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P-K MODU-FIRE FD W Series Direct Water Heater

Models: W750 (750 MBTU), W1000 (1,000 MBTU), W1500 (1,500 MBTU), W2000 (2,000 MBTU)

P-K MODU-FIRE® Forced Draft Direct Water Heating Systems add a new dimension of versatility to gas water heating for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

The new W-Series Water Heaters models (750, 1000, 1500 and 2000MBTU/hr.) with HLW option, are built in compliance with ASME Section IV  stamp and ANSI Z21.10.3-2013/CSA 4.3-2013 standards.

The P-K MODU-FIRE FD W Series’s proven design combines full modulation control and forced draft advances, with time tested scale resistant construction. This Direct Water Heater is the reliable choice for your supply of hot water.  Engineered for numerous years of efficient and dependable operation, its scale resistant components include industry preferred glass lined heads and nickel plated tube sheets.



  • Small, modular configuration
  • Big output
  • Changes both fuel and air at a constant ratio to match boiler output to actual heat demand
  • Smooth 5:1 turndown can track varying loads down to 20% of rated capacity
  • Dynamic air density compensation
  • Eliminates short cycling in high T variable speed pumping systems
  • First boiler of its kind to offer system oriented intelligence
  • Accurate firing rate feedback analog output signal proportional to firing rate
  • Small diameter Category IV venting
  • Easy service construction
  • Factory authorized start-up
  • Fire tested before shipment


  • Simplified, low cost installation
  • Clean, efficient combustion across entire firing range of the boiler
  • Maximum small load efficiencies
  • Captures up to $0.85 of every fuel dollar as comfort heat
  • Perfect part-load performer
  • Easy to inspect and maintain; can be disassembled and reassembled in minutes


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